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For Sale…


Oh honey, just look at it, it’s perfect.

Yes it is my love. It’s a bit pricey though huh?

Oh silly stop worrying about the price. Aren’t we worth it?

Yes, of course we are honey; it’s just that with my new job and the End of the World coming on December 21st.  I was hoping we could just rent something and see how things go.

But, I really want this house. It has everything we dreamed of, look at the landscaping; the trees are the right size. And these steps, I’ll be the envy of every housewife around.  Besides, if the planet does crumble we’ll be safe living up here, right?

I guess you’re right. It would be nice to be floating instead of being swallowed up by the Earth. Okay, let’s get the realtor on the phone. I’m buying my honey a house.

Oh yeah, you’re the best husband a girl could ask for. Oh and one more thing sweetie, can we not tell anyone where we live?

Sure, okay. But why?

Well, once we move in I’ll have so much to do; I simply won’t have time for an End of the World Party.


I hope you enjoyed this story- this is what happens when I see a picture and begin to THINK…




As I lay here in the grass, looking up at the clouds. I am so relaxed. I cannot remember the last time I felt so at ease. Looking at the white puffs as they sail past me makes me wish I could be up there, just for a moment. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  The wind is so soft and it whispers like music just for me as it caresses my face, my hair and my soul. I feel as if this is a special wind, in a special moment, just for me.

I close my eyes and suddenly I feel lighter, the images of the soft clouds beneath me fills my eyes.  The wind holds me and cradles me like a mother would a small child. Protecting me from all the hurt.  I ride the breeze, this wind, this moment.

Ahhhh, but I know it will not last, I know this wind I ride will have to end.

Will I fall when it is over, will I drop to the hardness below?

What can I do?

Will it hurt? I am scared, I am frightened and I am excited all at the same time. I am more alive now than I have ever been before. This wind, this new life, this right now.

I can feel it slowing down, settling in, I am starting to rise, as if I was a small wave that is begging to collapse into foam.

Now I begin my decent, my fall. With eyes closed, my body wanting to cover itself, so as to accept the impact. I am ready, I am ready…

Wait, why haven’t I felt the ground yet ?

I open my eyes one at a time, peeking at my hands, my body. I am not falling. I AM NOT FALLING?

WHY….what is that? It’s all around me, is it more wind. NO I can hear this, it’s, it’s…..

Butterflies, millions of butterflies…

Hahahahahahaha,,,they are carrying me down to earth, floating me downward, dancing around me, caressing me, like my wind did just moments ago.

I wish you could all feel this, it’s beautiful. They are singing to me. Their song is my song. A song of the heart, my heart

I reach my hand out into the madness of their flying to and fro.

I am back on the ground.


The falling was better then the flying.



This touching drawing is by a new friend Kara Simpson. She sent it to me along with these words.

“Hi, my name is Kara Simpson, i draw and this is one of my very first drawing i ever did and it would mean a lot if you wrote a story about this.”

March of the Dinosaurs…

Hannah was awarded the title of Grade Level Champion for her very creative and colorful poster that was entered into the UVM Math Poster Contest centered on the theme of Shapes and Sizes. Hannah’s poster was chosen as the winner out of all the 5th grade poster entries (There were 500 total poster entries from 32 Vermont schools).

I saw this and wanted to write  a story FOR HANNAH about her awesome drawing.











“HUP TWO THREE FOUR – HUP TWO THREE FOUR,” Barked Greenie the T-Rex from behind the pack of dinosaurs.

“HUP TWO THREE FOUR.” He never stopped giving orders. Greenie knew that he had to keep his dinosaur friends marching towards the Sun Valley or they would all surely starve when the winter snows came and covered the ground.

“Boy, Greenie sure is marching us hard today,” squealed a very tired Steg the Yellow.

“He sure is, agreed Purple Bronto, but Greenie is the oldest and wisest dinosaur so we must obey.”

“I guess you’re right, “answered Yellow. “Soon we will be in the Sun Valley and have all the food and water we need.”

They all continued marching to Greenies cadence and rhythm.  His barking became less and less like barking and more musical and easier to march to; even the flying dinosaurs were in rhythm to his tune.

“HUP TWO THREE FOUR WE ARE MARCHING DINOSAURS – FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT WE WON’T STOP TILL DAYBREAK.”  It was a nice song and Greenie had marched his dinosaur friends to it for years and years. Greenie felt happy that they would once more be safe. Then come spring they could all travel back to their homes and enjoy another summer filled with laughter and fun.

“Hey Greenie,” Called out the tiniest of tiny dinosaur voices, “Are we there yet Greenie, huh, huh?”

Greenie looked down at the newest and smallest dinosaur in their group who was standing next to Purple Bronto




Again we have two poems to a very intriguing picture.

Life’s scales, always in the balance

Our spiritual bond in check

Our time on earth together

Nurtured with love and with respect

We can not understand God’s ways

What’s meant to be will be

Losing you to God, so soon

Will never make sense to me

One day, making love on the beach

The next, burying you in the sand

That day, my heart was lowered into the ground

Was this truly part of God’s plan?


I bared my soul to you, not just my body

Death came in and took you away

My heart was held in your hands

I held you while you slipped away

A part of me went into your grave

Buried deep in the sand

I feel so weak, tired and sad

How will I go on?

Life is no longer worth living

To go on -with out you…

I will go mad!



I hear him whisper…..I look all around…..I must be hearing things…..My mind is not sound

Dollface”, I hear him again

“It can’t be! I watched you die!  It was me who held you.  It was me who cried!”

It was then, I felt his touch

It was his hand brushing my cheek

My tears fell, it was too much

He took me into his arms

His breath upon my neck

“It will be Okay baby.  Don’t be alarmed.”


He proceeded to tell me

Of a promise he had made

After we had made love

Outside in the shade

He told me of his cancer

The terrible beast

Inside his body

Having a feast

It was then that he vowed

Never to leave

He would defeat death

He would succeed

Our scale was no longer balanced

Though our bond was still strong

He gave me my heart

So I could move on

I must go on living

I must be strong

He told me of our child

As he touched my tum

Created on the beach

Under a falling son

One day, making love

The next,  buried the sand

It doesn’t make sense

It isn’t Gods plan

This just happened

Out of our control

There is nothing we can do

Nothing to be told

I must go on for the sake of our son

Teach him and guide him

Play and have some fun



“Yes, babe?”

“It will be Okay.  Don’t be alarmed. I will watch over and guide you.  I’ll keep you from harm.”


words by Renee Robinson



art by  Michael Maier, Artist. http://en.cubanfineart.com/  Cuban Art EMagazine



THEN ***************************


There’s a poem I wrote about the same picture.




The Almost There Man

Oh my darling

 I miss thee so

How I wish

thee did not go


But I am,

 Here with you

You aren’t alone

We are still two


Oh my darling

I miss your touch

It is your presence

I need so much


Why can you not

See me here

You speak as if

I disappear


Oh my darling

You must return

My heart’s on fire

For you I burn


Look at me now

I cannot see

Can you feel

I do feel thee



words by Steve O’Brien @ http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/









Here is another three poem collection inspired by a single picture


I am the last

Of my kind

You can look

But will not find

Armed, but all alone

I wait for you

Sooner or later

You must pass thru

It won’t be long

Till the falling snow

Reveals to me

Which way you go

Is that you

That I hear

Are you far

Or are you near

I am a statue

That you can’t see

Just a little closer

I need you to be

As I touch my trigger

And gently squeeze

Your life’s now ended

I am not pleased




How do I

Reveal to you

What I know

That I must do

I was not born

To right the wrong

My heart and faith

Can’t come along

I must take back

Things I did not give

Like my home

And the way I live

As you look

Upon my face

Will you run

Or will you chase

Will you fight

By my side

Or shall I hunt

While you hide

I do not blink

Or hesitate

God be with you

Ready, aim, wait



While the world

Passes by

While children born

Give first cry

And the wind

Blows to the west

And when God

Puts you to the test

I am here

Watching for you

Making sure

That dreams come true

We must each

Do our part

To save the meek

From dark heart

The winter’s snow

And summers heat

I’ll always guard

This city’s street

When comes the day

That I go home

Lay down my gun

No more alone





If you’re reading this and would like to submit a photo/drawing or similar, please let us know.


The photo and words were submitted by ME @ http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/



“Well, you did it again Steve, are you happy?”

“Aw come on Anne, why must you always make a big deal out of nothing?”

“NOTHING, NOTHING, are you serious Steve? You call this nothing?  All you had to do was ask for directions, BUT NOOOO, you had to keep going straight, when we both knew perfectly well that we were heading in the wrong direction. We are “TREES STEVE”, trees need to be in the forest, and this is exactly why I hate leaving the forest. I don’t mind when you get the urge to wander and get away once in awhile, in fact I like it myself. But we have to get back as soon as possible; we need to be in our own environment.”

“Look honey, I know I have been wrong once or twice in the past, but I’m sure we are going to be fine this time. Trust me sweetie, okay?”

“I’m sorry Steve, but I cannot help but think that you’ve finally lost your mind. We are NOT, I repeat NOT FINE.  LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW.”

“Aright alright, I’ll ask the next person that we see for directions.”

“FINALLY my husband sees the light. Hallelujah we might be saved after all.”

“But honey, just one more thing, before we get back on our way?”

“WHAT Steve, don’t push it I’m pretty pissed right now?”

“Since we’re already stuck up here; can we light up this wall a little longer before we head home to the forest?”


The photo represents a recent architectural design from the very talented Patricia Canfield who is Owner/Founder of deCamville Design, a Texas-based full-service architectural and interior design consulting firm. http://decamvilledesign.wordpress.com/

I asked Patricia if I could write something about her work and she sent me the above photo.

I hope my words, due her work some justice. By the way the Tree named Steve is me and the Tree named Anne is my co-founder here at “I got a story like that.”

I’m pretty sure that if Anne and I were trees and I really was driving us around, I would most likely drive her up a wall similar to the trees in the design.




Lights Out

 “Buzz buzz buzz, that’s all I ever hear around here. Doesn’t anyone rest for a minute, jeez, enough already.” Well if you haven’t figured it out by now I’ll clue you in, I’m a bug. Yeah that right, I said “bug,” I have been a bug for as long as I can remember and I will most likely be a bug for the rest of my life. I like being a bug; the other bugs around here, they come and go constantly. I on the other hand try hard to stay in one spot for as long as I can.

It’s the “always on the go” life style that can kill ya, you know? Besides we all have to stay alert for that terribly bright light that appears at times.

Earlier today the light was very very bright and my 2 dozen eyeballs were starting to hurt like heck. The day before the same thing happened to a bug buddy of mine. He was walking around when suddenly the light was so bright that he was blinded and now he has to use a bug sized cane to get around, ha ha. You know what’s so funny about that; he’s a caterpillar so he has to use like 50 canes. Today I’m going to help him find some more twigs he can use as canes.

We were crawling along on this branch looking for twigs when I suddenly saw the bright light coming towards us again. I closed all my eyes and waited until the light was gone. When I finally opened my eyes I saw that my blind bug buddy was walking towards the edge of the branch. “Hold on there,  you’re about to fall.” I said as gently nudged him back onto the fatter part of the branch. He smiled in my general direction and said, “Thank you friend”.

We took our time walking on the branch so as not to slip off. Our day was almost over and I really wanted to get back to my nest. I had this nice little ball of grass that I made into a home right after I was born and I wanted to be back inside of it before it got too late.

We did find about two dozen twig canes and I promised my bug buddy that I would go back out tomorrow and help him get the rest of the canes he needed. We said our good nights and I went into my little grass ball nest to sleep.

It was the light woke me up I tried to look away but it was getting closer and closer, brighter and brighter. The last thing I remember was hearing a strange sound.

Was that a human voice?

The voice was saying, “Come Here, Hurry Mommy, that cute little blue and gold bug is back inside its grass house, I’ll shine my flashlight at it so you can see”.


The amazing artwork was submitted by our new friend Susan Geckle

The title “Lights Out” and the recklessy assorted words were provided by me Steve O’Brien @ http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/