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Will my Wings Keep…

angel rock cloud

Will my Wings Keep

All of me

Now right here

Pieces of broken

And shattered fear

To the very

Root of what

I hold tight

Or hold not

This stone beneath

My wing, my knee

Carries what

Is left of me

As I sail past

Each dark cloud

I hear a memory

Cry out loud

Begging me

Stay don’t go

We’re not done

Here below

I can only

Wonder with weep

If I fall

Will my Wings Keep




It Was Sent

The lights arrive

To let me know

That I can see

My music flow

Others they say

They are amazed

To see the wonder

That I have raised

Pieces assembled

Timing in sync

Now begins

The music – sun link

All will ask

How it was done

As we dance

To music from sun

I play the night

Into daybreak

I play the heart

Now love we make

And in the end

When we are spent

The music returns

From where it was sent


Here is the email I recieved from our good friend Francisco C Pinheiro Torres @ http://franciscocpt.wordpress.com/

Hi Steve,
I am product designer Francisco CPT from WordPress.
Thank you for your post on my blog.
Please find a picture of my project attached. (I had maximum score with praise with this project while I was studying in Milan, Italy)
This is a photovoltaic violin called Sunphony. (the symphony of the sun)
This violin is incorporated with a solar panel that is connected to a buzzer, which sound is amplified through a gramophone horn.
The violin changes it’s sound by controlling the angle and intensity of sunlight on it.
This poetical and playful violin transforms photons emitted by the sun into sound waves without spending energy.
Made me feel great to make music by dancing, shaking or creating shadows on the solar panel with the virtual cloud I had in my hand.
It felt like dancing or composing music with the sun!
I hope you liked it!
Francisco C Pinheiro Torres
I had asked Francisco if he would send me a picture that I could write words to. He was very graceous to do so, I hope you and he like my words to his art.
Steve O’Brien @ http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/