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For Sale…


Oh honey, just look at it, it’s perfect.

Yes it is my love. It’s a bit pricey though huh?

Oh silly stop worrying about the price. Aren’t we worth it?

Yes, of course we are honey; it’s just that with my new job and the End of the World coming on December 21st.  I was hoping we could just rent something and see how things go.

But, I really want this house. It has everything we dreamed of, look at the landscaping; the trees are the right size. And these steps, I’ll be the envy of every housewife around.  Besides, if the planet does crumble we’ll be safe living up here, right?

I guess you’re right. It would be nice to be floating instead of being swallowed up by the Earth. Okay, let’s get the realtor on the phone. I’m buying my honey a house.

Oh yeah, you’re the best husband a girl could ask for. Oh and one more thing sweetie, can we not tell anyone where we live?

Sure, okay. But why?

Well, once we move in I’ll have so much to do; I simply won’t have time for an End of the World Party.


I hope you enjoyed this story- this is what happens when I see a picture and begin to THINK…



The Fallen…

A friend asked that I write a poem about this photo.  I wrote it from three different views.

Eight Carry the One –  is the voice of the soldiers carrying the casket

The Passing is the voice of the family watching

Deliver Me  – is the voice of the departed soldier








We are eight

Who carry one

The one’s whose duty

Is now done


We carry you

Upon our shoulder

Because of you

We get to grow older


This cargo of ours

This hero inside

We carry with honor

We carry with pride


As we lay to rest

One of our best

We honor those

For this life they choose


Its time to sleep

So close your eyes

Soar with angels

Above blue skies


Now at peace

But not alone

Not going away

Just going home




As I watched

Them carry you

I began to weep

My heart in two


Is it dark

Where you are

Are you near

Or are you far


When it came

Was it swift

Did you suffer

Any of it


Your loss

I shall mourn

And celebrate

That you were born


A folded flag

Is what they give

To signify

The life you live


It’s not enough

It’s just not fair

That here I stand

While you lie there




Is it morning

Noon or night

Is there darkness

Or daylight


Here I lie

Inside this womb

To be inserted

Into a tomb


I am not hurt

Or suffer pain

Upon a stone

They’ll write my name


Not angry

Nor afraid

I’m content

With choices made


Send the word

To me now

Show your light

Show me how


One last request

I ask of thee

Protect the ones

Who deliver me











March of the Dinosaurs…

Hannah was awarded the title of Grade Level Champion for her very creative and colorful poster that was entered into the UVM Math Poster Contest centered on the theme of Shapes and Sizes. Hannah’s poster was chosen as the winner out of all the 5th grade poster entries (There were 500 total poster entries from 32 Vermont schools).

I saw this and wanted to write  a story FOR HANNAH about her awesome drawing.











“HUP TWO THREE FOUR – HUP TWO THREE FOUR,” Barked Greenie the T-Rex from behind the pack of dinosaurs.

“HUP TWO THREE FOUR.” He never stopped giving orders. Greenie knew that he had to keep his dinosaur friends marching towards the Sun Valley or they would all surely starve when the winter snows came and covered the ground.

“Boy, Greenie sure is marching us hard today,” squealed a very tired Steg the Yellow.

“He sure is, agreed Purple Bronto, but Greenie is the oldest and wisest dinosaur so we must obey.”

“I guess you’re right, “answered Yellow. “Soon we will be in the Sun Valley and have all the food and water we need.”

They all continued marching to Greenies cadence and rhythm.  His barking became less and less like barking and more musical and easier to march to; even the flying dinosaurs were in rhythm to his tune.

“HUP TWO THREE FOUR WE ARE MARCHING DINOSAURS – FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT WE WON’T STOP TILL DAYBREAK.”  It was a nice song and Greenie had marched his dinosaur friends to it for years and years. Greenie felt happy that they would once more be safe. Then come spring they could all travel back to their homes and enjoy another summer filled with laughter and fun.

“Hey Greenie,” Called out the tiniest of tiny dinosaur voices, “Are we there yet Greenie, huh, huh?”

Greenie looked down at the newest and smallest dinosaur in their group who was standing next to Purple Bronto



Every year on Memorial Day, this MARINE, Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers, stands in the sweltering Washington D.C. heat, in his dress uniform, holding a salute for every biker in the Rolling Thunder procession. He stands at attention, saluting his brothers and sisters, from start to finish, which is over four hours! When asked, “Sergeant Chambers, why the salute?” His response was effortless and profound, “It’s about the pain. A lot of these heroic guys still hurt and if I can relieve their pain for just one brief moment, then I’ve done my job.”

God bless you SSGT Chambers, and God bless those who stopped to care for you and give you some water.


I was so touched by this photo and story, I wrote this poem in his honor.




Every year

At this time

I salute

These men of mine


As they roll

And thunder by

My right hand raised

To my eye


Does it hurt?

Is what they ask

In your honor

I accept this task


Thru the heat

The blazing sun

I stand here proud

For every last one


I cannot drop

My arm, My hand

I will not rest

I only stand


On iron horses

A steel cavalry

My eyes forward

I salute thee








Love is blind.

We invite you all to write and send in more photos and images so we can share and inspire each other on this blog!

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This story is written by Steve. This is his fun view of
my illustration called Love is blind. 

GIRAFFE singing, “you light up my life, you give me hope to carry on, you light up my day, and fill my night.”

LAMP blushing replies,” Aww come on Giraffe, you know how embarrassed I get when you sing that song.”

GIRAFFE: “I know my love, but you do make me feel that way. Every time I come into this room and see you, I get, get, all flustered and start singing. It’s the only way I know how to express myself to you.”

LAMP: “Surely you must have some idea of how to please me? I mean we’ve been together in the same house for awhile now.”

GIRAFFE: “Whatever do you mean my love?”

LAMP: “Come on now, look closely at me, and better yet, come closer to me my love.”

The giraffe blindly walks towards the lamp as instructed.

LAMP: “Closer still.”

The giraffe is almost touching the lamp now, he is standing so close to her.

GIRAFFE: “I’m here my love, just as you requested.”

LAMP: “See this switch on me?”

GIRAFFE: “Yes, my love I see the switch.”

LAMP: “Okay, now reach over and turn me on.”


Once again TWO stories from ONE picture





The lamb cried

Why must it be me?

I have worship and loved Thee

I have been true and kept faith in your word

Why must you do this?  What have I done sir?

Her father placed a hand on her cheek and said,

You are the chosen one, do you not understand?

I ask this of you because, you took my hand

When we married, it was then you agreed

To be sacrificed, to please me

The greatest honor ever to be 

Has been bestowed upon thee

Do you not wish to please me?

A tear rolled down her cheek which he gently wiped away

He placed a kiss upon her lips, closing her eyes to pray

With one swift thrust

He brought the dagger down

The soft flesh between her breasts the shaft found

He laughed as he watched her die

He filled a chalice with her blood and cried

You stupid wench.  I have just given you to my King

Glory to him! Let his praises ring!

Open the gates of Hell, of the lamb partake

A sacrificial virgin I have forsake

A black cloud filled the room

Along with a darkened sense of doom

Hail Thee master, I hope you are pleased

He proclaimed on bended knees

Satan placed his hand on his shoulder

You have done well.  You are a great soldier

Taking the lamb into his arms, he returned

Back through the gate

Into the coals which burn


by Renee Robinson

Seek Rennee’s incredible visions @ http://naesnest.me/




BRAVO, MAGNIFICO, BELLISIMO. (We hear the crowd is yelling after the show)

“OH MY, the crowd loves my performance. I cannot believe that they are standing and clapping, for ME! They love ME they really really love ME.  With this type of cheering I must have been fantastic, OH of course I was fantastic.  Oh my, someone threw ME flowers.

I will most certainly win an award for best dance performance of the decade. Everyone who is anyone will be at the ceremony. . Hmm… what will I wear? I know that tiny little pink dress that Stefan bought ME on our one year anniversary. Yes that’s it, I’ll wear that dress and I’ll smile and wave to my peers and the judges from the academy who voted for ME.

OH MY, it will be spectacular.  Then I  must remember to thank everyone I ever met, my acting coach, my speech coach, my dance instructors’, everyone of them from the time I started dancing at age 3 to this very moment.  OH and MY publicist, MY agent, the director, OH and of course the composer of this magnificent piece of music.

OH MY, I must have been day dreaming, they are still standing and clapping and cheering for me.

A little curtsy for the people in the front row.


OH MY and I mustn’t forget to bow backwards to the folks behind ME.


This story is from me…http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/



Lights Out

 “Buzz buzz buzz, that’s all I ever hear around here. Doesn’t anyone rest for a minute, jeez, enough already.” Well if you haven’t figured it out by now I’ll clue you in, I’m a bug. Yeah that right, I said “bug,” I have been a bug for as long as I can remember and I will most likely be a bug for the rest of my life. I like being a bug; the other bugs around here, they come and go constantly. I on the other hand try hard to stay in one spot for as long as I can.

It’s the “always on the go” life style that can kill ya, you know? Besides we all have to stay alert for that terribly bright light that appears at times.

Earlier today the light was very very bright and my 2 dozen eyeballs were starting to hurt like heck. The day before the same thing happened to a bug buddy of mine. He was walking around when suddenly the light was so bright that he was blinded and now he has to use a bug sized cane to get around, ha ha. You know what’s so funny about that; he’s a caterpillar so he has to use like 50 canes. Today I’m going to help him find some more twigs he can use as canes.

We were crawling along on this branch looking for twigs when I suddenly saw the bright light coming towards us again. I closed all my eyes and waited until the light was gone. When I finally opened my eyes I saw that my blind bug buddy was walking towards the edge of the branch. “Hold on there,  you’re about to fall.” I said as gently nudged him back onto the fatter part of the branch. He smiled in my general direction and said, “Thank you friend”.

We took our time walking on the branch so as not to slip off. Our day was almost over and I really wanted to get back to my nest. I had this nice little ball of grass that I made into a home right after I was born and I wanted to be back inside of it before it got too late.

We did find about two dozen twig canes and I promised my bug buddy that I would go back out tomorrow and help him get the rest of the canes he needed. We said our good nights and I went into my little grass ball nest to sleep.

It was the light woke me up I tried to look away but it was getting closer and closer, brighter and brighter. The last thing I remember was hearing a strange sound.

Was that a human voice?

The voice was saying, “Come Here, Hurry Mommy, that cute little blue and gold bug is back inside its grass house, I’ll shine my flashlight at it so you can see”.


The amazing artwork was submitted by our new friend Susan Geckle

The title “Lights Out” and the recklessy assorted words were provided by me Steve O’Brien @ http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/