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Every year on Memorial Day, this MARINE, Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers, stands in the sweltering Washington D.C. heat, in his dress uniform, holding a salute for every biker in the Rolling Thunder procession. He stands at attention, saluting his brothers and sisters, from start to finish, which is over four hours! When asked, “Sergeant Chambers, why the salute?” His response was effortless and profound, “It’s about the pain. A lot of these heroic guys still hurt and if I can relieve their pain for just one brief moment, then I’ve done my job.”

God bless you SSGT Chambers, and God bless those who stopped to care for you and give you some water.


I was so touched by this photo and story, I wrote this poem in his honor.




Every year

At this time

I salute

These men of mine


As they roll

And thunder by

My right hand raised

To my eye


Does it hurt?

Is what they ask

In your honor

I accept this task


Thru the heat

The blazing sun

I stand here proud

For every last one


I cannot drop

My arm, My hand

I will not rest

I only stand


On iron horses

A steel cavalry

My eyes forward

I salute thee










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  Ken wrote @

This is NOT SSGT Tim Chambers. This was a US Marine that stood during the 2012 Freedom Run with the Staff Sergeant, but eventually gave up his salute while Tim, in his way, finished it. Please remove Tim’s namfe from this as this is not him.

  Sirenia wrote @

The pic, the story behind; I have one word to say: Respect!
And the poetry you have written to it – excellent! 🙂

~ Sirenia ~

  sobnyc wrote @

thank you for your words.

BTW your work is terrific.


  Sirenia wrote @

Thank you 🙂

  sobnyc wrote @

right on,,wonderful story, i had to write something when I read it.

  littlemissobsessivesanatomy wrote @

so so beautiful.. loved it..and what a brave man Sergeant Tim Chamber is…i salute him 🙂

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