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Once again TWO stories from ONE picture





The lamb cried

Why must it be me?

I have worship and loved Thee

I have been true and kept faith in your word

Why must you do this?  What have I done sir?

Her father placed a hand on her cheek and said,

You are the chosen one, do you not understand?

I ask this of you because, you took my hand

When we married, it was then you agreed

To be sacrificed, to please me

The greatest honor ever to be 

Has been bestowed upon thee

Do you not wish to please me?

A tear rolled down her cheek which he gently wiped away

He placed a kiss upon her lips, closing her eyes to pray

With one swift thrust

He brought the dagger down

The soft flesh between her breasts the shaft found

He laughed as he watched her die

He filled a chalice with her blood and cried

You stupid wench.  I have just given you to my King

Glory to him! Let his praises ring!

Open the gates of Hell, of the lamb partake

A sacrificial virgin I have forsake

A black cloud filled the room

Along with a darkened sense of doom

Hail Thee master, I hope you are pleased

He proclaimed on bended knees

Satan placed his hand on his shoulder

You have done well.  You are a great soldier

Taking the lamb into his arms, he returned

Back through the gate

Into the coals which burn


by Renee Robinson

Seek Rennee’s incredible visions @ http://naesnest.me/




BRAVO, MAGNIFICO, BELLISIMO. (We hear the crowd is yelling after the show)

“OH MY, the crowd loves my performance. I cannot believe that they are standing and clapping, for ME! They love ME they really really love ME.  With this type of cheering I must have been fantastic, OH of course I was fantastic.  Oh my, someone threw ME flowers.

I will most certainly win an award for best dance performance of the decade. Everyone who is anyone will be at the ceremony. . Hmm… what will I wear? I know that tiny little pink dress that Stefan bought ME on our one year anniversary. Yes that’s it, I’ll wear that dress and I’ll smile and wave to my peers and the judges from the academy who voted for ME.

OH MY, it will be spectacular.  Then I  must remember to thank everyone I ever met, my acting coach, my speech coach, my dance instructors’, everyone of them from the time I started dancing at age 3 to this very moment.  OH and MY publicist, MY agent, the director, OH and of course the composer of this magnificent piece of music.

OH MY, I must have been day dreaming, they are still standing and clapping and cheering for me.

A little curtsy for the people in the front row.


OH MY and I mustn’t forget to bow backwards to the folks behind ME.


This story is from me…http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/



  A PICTURE IS WORTH A…….WORDS | Nae's Nest wrote @

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  Nae’s Nest wrote @

Hey super duper job there in getting out stuff together. Whoohoo. Seriously, I am lucky to write with you. Thank you for the opportunity.

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Wonderful wonderful, crowd wants more;-)

  silentlyheardonce wrote @

You leave the crowd wanting more every time! 🙂

  sobnyc wrote @

that’s the way I get you to visit again.

  silentlyheardonce wrote @

lol. How are you tonight?

  sobnyc wrote @

I’m good,,how are you?

If you have a picture that you would like me to write words to send it in..

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