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“Well, you did it again Steve, are you happy?”

“Aw come on Anne, why must you always make a big deal out of nothing?”

“NOTHING, NOTHING, are you serious Steve? You call this nothing?  All you had to do was ask for directions, BUT NOOOO, you had to keep going straight, when we both knew perfectly well that we were heading in the wrong direction. We are “TREES STEVE”, trees need to be in the forest, and this is exactly why I hate leaving the forest. I don’t mind when you get the urge to wander and get away once in awhile, in fact I like it myself. But we have to get back as soon as possible; we need to be in our own environment.”

“Look honey, I know I have been wrong once or twice in the past, but I’m sure we are going to be fine this time. Trust me sweetie, okay?”

“I’m sorry Steve, but I cannot help but think that you’ve finally lost your mind. We are NOT, I repeat NOT FINE.  LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW.”

“Aright alright, I’ll ask the next person that we see for directions.”

“FINALLY my husband sees the light. Hallelujah we might be saved after all.”

“But honey, just one more thing, before we get back on our way?”

“WHAT Steve, don’t push it I’m pretty pissed right now?”

“Since we’re already stuck up here; can we light up this wall a little longer before we head home to the forest?”


The photo represents a recent architectural design from the very talented Patricia Canfield who is Owner/Founder of deCamville Design, a Texas-based full-service architectural and interior design consulting firm. http://decamvilledesign.wordpress.com/

I asked Patricia if I could write something about her work and she sent me the above photo.

I hope my words, due her work some justice. By the way the Tree named Steve is me and the Tree named Anne is my co-founder here at “I got a story like that.”

I’m pretty sure that if Anne and I were trees and I really was driving us around, I would most likely drive her up a wall similar to the trees in the design.




  Best of the Day: White over Blue | iPhotoloGy wrote @

[…] Steel Trees (igotastorylikethat.wordpress.com) […]

  deCamville Design wrote @

Hi Anne – I did not know that you were the cofounder – that you as my WP friend and the cofounder were the same person! You are multi-talented! And I thank you both for this story!

Friends, this is Anne’s blog: http://enjoymyadventure.wordpress.com/

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Hi beautiful, so nice to see you here too, and thank you for the compliments! Lots of love and light, Anne

  deCamville Design wrote @

Reblogged this on Design Notes: A Day in the Life of a Professional Designer and commented:
Many thanks to my WordPress friend Steve for writing my “Steel Trees” Story in a very creative manner! This is my studio version: http://decamvilledesign.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/day-15-steel-trees-the-pewter-sequel/. And this is Steve’s blog: http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/ Hope you enjoy it!

  deCamville Design wrote @

Thank you so much Steve and Anne for writing my story! You absolutely did it justice and I just LOVE it! You’re very creative!

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

You are so welcome, I am just in the background, Steve is the real hero, he’s the writer;-) Have a wonderful day!

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Ha ha ha, funny!

  sobnyc wrote @

me glad you likie, gotta make doughnuts today

  littlemissobsessivesanatomy wrote @

great story ..did all the justice t the picture… love it

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