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One picture – Two stories

A new friend to our site and I had a little fun this week. We took ONE picture and – IN SUPER TOP SECRET UNDERGROUND BUNKERS, HIGHLY PROTECTED BY SONIC RADAR AND ARMED GUARDS WHILE WEARING FAKE NOSES AND GLASSES  TO CONCEAL OUR IDENTITIES TO EVEN OURSELVES- we wrote our independent interpretations of this same picture.
So, we give to you
Wedding Bells Ringing
Satan’s Angels singing
My heart sinking
What was I thinking?
Selling my soul to the reaper
I was placed under a spell
He came in to buy me
Giving me Honeymoon Hell
I was mystified
I opened the portal
I made such a mistake
I wanted to be immortal
I thought I was buying life
Death is what I got
Reaper I am to marry
Honeymoon Hell, I bought
He leads me to the bed
I am shaking at his touch
My skin crawls at the thought
Honeymoon Hell, I got 
Begging, please let me go
I didn’t understand 
I never meant to marry
I never gave you my hand
“It is too late for you, my dear”
The deed is done, you are my wife
You will honor all my needs
Honeymoon Hell is your life”
by Renee Robinson
You can find more of Rennee’s incredible visions @ http://naesnest.me/
The Rising“Why are you sad my child? Are you not pleased with your journey or is it that your time has ended?”

“Oh Father I thank you for allowing me the time to walk amongst mortals. It was exactly as I had imagined it would be.”

“My dear child, I am at peace knowing that you are home back where you belong. I was against you leaving me, even for a moment. But alas, I knew that you must go and see for yourself.”

“I have returned Father, ready to take my place at your side. Theirs is not a world for me. They live as if they will never suffer true pain. They mock the thought of absolute deliverance. They carry on with their self inflicted bliss as if it shall never end. I tasted this happiness and self indulgence that they dine on and I spit it out, so that my soul will be pure and only of you.”

“So my child now that you have seen what I myself have left behind many millenniums ago,do you understand what it is that I must do?”

“Yes Father I do.”

“What else have you learned while living a mortals life, my child?”

“I have learned that they seek to RISE up against you, Father.”

“Ha ha , we shall see my child, we shall see.  Let us go and prepare for their arrival but first let’s get you out of that horrible white robe and into something darker, something much darker.”

The above words provided by your host and resident madman, Steve @http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/




  Nae’s Nest wrote @

Great job in organizing this Steve. This was much fun and I love your rendition. This may be something we will have to try again sometime. I truly enjoy your blog as well. I is in my top10 favorites.

  sobnyc wrote @

thank ya kindly young lady.
It was a lot of fun, I think the readers enjoyed it as well. And yes we will do it again. I will ask someone else if they would like to choose a picture for us to collaborate on. Maybe if there is an artist out there who would like to submit, please do.


  sobnyc wrote @

HI there little miss,
Thanks for the kind words. I think Renee did a great job of turning dark into light into dark again. Don’t you agree all?

  littlemissobsessivesanatomy wrote @

really liked ‘reunion’ …well wrtitten i must say 🙂

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you stop by again soon!

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Must I choose? Love them both!

  sobnyc wrote @

haha no choosing,,I thought of that. I think its better for all if folks simply enjoyed the words that pictures bring to each one of us individually, don’t you agree?

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

I agree;-) I think inspiration is the power!

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