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“ALRIGHT,ALRIGHT, EVERYONE PLEASE get into their places,we are about to begin.” Yelled a very exasperated photographer. This photo shoot was taking much longer than they all had expected. They had rented this location for only 3 hours, of which there was only a half hour left.  A friend of the photographer had told him about this location. The rental price was affordable,mostly because nobody used it this space anymore because of the rumors that it was haunted or something.

“OKAY NOW, the photographer started saying,” when the two actors are in position I want lighting and mirrors to start rotating around them. Let’s see if we can get this shot right people, okay?”

As the small production team ran nervously about doing their jobs, the two young models walked towards each other to their assigned spot in the center of the old stone walled room. On the floor scattered all about were dead leaves and flakes of peeling paint.

It was the perfect setting the photographer was looking for, it had the right mix of wet cavern walls with thick mature vines stretching and crawling their way upwards along the walls towards the small sunlight opening at the roof.  It really was the perfect setting he wanted and he didn’t care about any childish superstitions.

The rental agent told him that this very place was used for ancient marriages. The legend has it that when forbidden lovers wanted to be together they stole away to this very  spot in secret.  There was an inscription chiseled into the stone floor. And when repeated by the lovers, would create a magical mist that swirled around them. The longer the lovers stayed inside that mist, the more the deeper their connection and love for one another would become. Stay too long, and the two bodies would begin to manifest into one single person. Early lovers stayed inside the mist just long enough to become true soul mates.

The legend also speaks of a darker side of the stones secret power. Centuries later, after the spot was discovered. The ancient laws that forbade love that was not prearranged would use spot as used as punishment for those that sought true love. The holy ones would make the alleged sinners stand inside the mist until they turned into one single body. Then they would have to live like that forever. Never again able to see or touch each other.

The photographer was embarrassed that he even wasted his time thinking of all this mumbo jumbo; he shook himself back into reality and focused to the job at hand. “PEOPLE,PEOPLE are we ready now, please?” Everyone nodded at him and took their places.

Standing together in their assigned spot in the center of all this hustle and bustle. The two actors held hands and pulled each other close. They noticed some markings, almost like writings on the stone floor directly between their feet.

With their foreheads touching they began to speak  the words written into the stone floor.

On bended knee –I ask of thee –Will you –Mist with me

“CUT, CUT, CUT, NOW WHATS HAPPENING, “the photographer started yelling, what is with all the MIST I’m getting in my shot?”

The photo was generously submitted by Eric Robillard    http://clownonfire.wordpress.com/

When I saw this picture I had to ask to write a story. http://sobnyc.wordpress.com/





  sobnyc wrote @

Reblogged this on SOBNYC – growing up in new york city during the 1960's, 70's & 80's.

  Nae’s Nest wrote @

Truly beautiful. Touching. You should teaching creative writing.

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

I love it too, both words and picture!

  saradraws wrote @

Remarkable. Thank you, simply.

  sobnyc wrote @

I am truly flattered and you are most welcome..as I told your soulmate,,the picture made me do it,,I am pleased it makes you both smile,,


  clownonfire wrote @

Reblogged this on A Clown On Fire and commented:
A very sweet story made around a picture of Le Clown and Sara… and we didn’t even ask for it…

  clownonfire wrote @

This is sweet, and made me smile under my clown make-up. Really.
Le Clown

  sobnyc wrote @

it was that picture that made me do it….

  clownonfire wrote @

My wife and I both loved it.
Thank you,
Le Clown

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