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Desire, a collaboration from two Scandinavian girls!

This is a Scandinavian collaboration, since I’m Norwegian and Pia is Danish. Read her poem of  “Desire”
You sway beneath the surface
An ocean of dreams flow behind your eyelids
Your breath is the wind curling the waves
The salty waters the scent of your hair
Your lips whisper stories of the deep
I lie on a raft above listening
Longing for your pillow

This beautiful poem is written by Pia Valentin Sørensen. She writes just as beautiful in English as in Danish, lucky for me Danish is close enough to Norwegian, so I can read both!

Please check out her blog, click on her name!

Have a nice day, Anne



  cloudfactor5 wrote @

Well Done, Poem On!!

  sobnyc wrote @

What a beautiful collaboration.
Thank you both so much for your words and art.


  Pia Valentin Sørensen wrote @

Reblogged this on DIGTAFON.

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