I got a story like that

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One to share


Beep beep beep

Honk honk I say

Please oh please

Out of my way

I must get through

I must get past

My little Vespa

Is not so fast

All must yield

I cannot stop

I’m on my way

To the doughnut shop

Oh my, oh my

Oh dear, oh dear

If I don’t hurry

It will close I fear

What shall I order?

What shall I get?

What am I thinking

I’m not there yet?

Beep beep honk honk

Now almost there

I’ll buy one for me

And one to share

This story is written by Steve. This is his fun view of
my illustration of the Elephant on a Vespa! 

We’d love for you to share your art or writing as well! Go on, you know you want to!



  Madhu wrote @

Cute! Love both the jumbo and the poem!

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Thank you Madhu! Have a wonderful day:-)

  Fergiemoto wrote @

That’s a fun little poem to go with the fun illustration!

  sobnyc wrote @

Why thank you my friend. I had fun writing it for Annes drawing. I do have some other ideas for that picture, maybe she allow me to “double write”. hahah


  littlemissobsessivesanatomy wrote @

nice work steve… really nice 🙂
perfect words to explain a picture so cute..

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Thats nice to hear! 🙂

  jennysserendipity wrote @

Love this! I promised you one to share..soon it will be..

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

I’m looking forward too it Jenny;-)

  jennysserendipity wrote @


  Ink. [Anette] wrote @

This is excellent! They go really well together 🙂

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Thanks Anette! Wonder who the elephant will share the donut with…

  Ink. [Anette] wrote @

Oh Anne, that’s a another drawing 🙂 I was wondering how will elephant eat donut? Will donut get stuck on the trunk?

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

hihi, oh now I have to draw a whole story!!

  Ink. [Anette] wrote @


  Pia Valentin Sørensen wrote @

Such sweet poem to the lovely elephant picture ♥

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Thank you, I would love for you to write one for one of my paintings one day…if you want! Have a poetic day!

  Pia Valentin Sørensen wrote @

Absolutely! It would be an honor! Just tell me what picture, when and where! 🙂

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Yes, sure, I will find one later, cool!!

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