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Photo + Poem = Posting

A friend asked that I write a poem for a photo of US Soldiers carrying a casket in Arlington National Cemetery.

I wrote three poems, from three varying perspectives of that photo.

I hope you enjoy them.



Eight Carry the One; is the viewpoint of the soldiers carrying the casket.

The Passing; is the viewpoint of watching the casket being carried.

Deliver Me; is the viewpoint from inside the casket.



We are eight

Who carry one

The one’s whose duty

Is now done

We carry you

Upon our shoulder

Because of you

We get to grow older

This cargo of ours

This hero inside

We carry with honor

We carry with pride

As we lay to rest

One of our best

We honor those

For this life they choose

Its time to sleep

So close your eyes

Soar with angels

Above blue skies

Now at peace

But not alone

Not going away

Just going home



As I watched

Them carry you

I began to weep

My heart in two

Is it dark

Where you are

Are you near

Or are you far

When it came

Was it swift

Did you suffer

Any of it

Your loss

I shall mourn

And celebrate

That you were born

A folded flag

Is what they give

To signify

The life you live

It’s not enough

It’s just not fair

That here I stand

While you lie there



Is it morning

Noon or night

Is there darkness

Or daylight

Here I lie

Inside this womb

To be inserted

Into a tomb

I am not hurt

Or suffer pain

Upon a stone

They’ll write my name

Not angry

Nor afraid

I’m content

With choices made

Send the word

To me now

Show your light

Show me how

One last request

I ask of thee

Protect the ones

Who deliver me








  sobnyc wrote @

i miss you my friend…xoxo

  Zen and Genki wrote @

Really touching.

  sobnyc wrote @

Thank you,,,those are three of my favorites,,,I am blessed that you felt what I wrote..


  Ink. [Anette] wrote @

Mmmm I like it Anne.

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Good, will we be seeing your beauty here? 😉

  Ink. [Anette] wrote @

I would love to. Thank you. But first I have to make something of fine and rare beauty :o)

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

That is easy, everything you make shines;-)

  Ink. [Anette] wrote @

Thank you sweet girl. You are so kind and caring :o) How to join? Send poetry and picture? Or…?

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

It’s easy with people like you! If you have a picture for example, then someone can write about it to get a different perspective. Or the opposite… 😉

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