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Artists and Writers…Finally a place to share. The world is a better place when we write, paint and illustrate creativity! All Rights Reserved


Each week we will pose a new question to our readers and ask them for a quick response.

Then, let the comments begin.

Feel free to write or send us a picture/painting/photo…


This weeks Question:

If you could have any one super hero power ( flying, super strength etc..) what would you choose?



  Julie wrote @

I would like to be able to fold time and space as Herbert does in the Dune series. Then I could move forward to when the dishes are done and the laundered clothes are put away and then I could just do my stitching “work.”

  EKMCronin wrote @

I answered with a sketch & watercolour: check it out 🙂 http://ekmcronin.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/artistic-response/

  sobnyc wrote @

what a terrific response, best I’ve seen yet…I will have it posted on our site with your blessing,,,love it..


  EKMCronin wrote @

You’ve got my blessing! I was just happy to find a site like yours that encourages stuff like that. When’s the next question coming? ;P

  Artistic Response « EKM Cronin wrote @

[…] read a blog this morning that […]

  EKMCronin wrote @

I love this question, think it’s inspired a piece too 🙂 Will get back to you with my results! ❤

  butimbeautiful wrote @

I find the idea of this blog really interesting but the layout a bit complicated – I went to look at your question about extra limbs but somehow couldn’t access it. Maybe you could make the page a little simpler? good luck with it!

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll definitly make it more simple!

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