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The very worst thing about being me right now, is that I know everything I’m doing wrong. It’s a horrible realization actually. I wish I was less intuitive to be honest. But, what can I do about all that now? Ahh, maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Maybe, I need to accept that what I am is because this is what I was meant to be. Yeah, that’s the better way to deal with this. I’ll just be me. What bad can come from me being me? Just act normal, do everyday things, try not to attract negative energy. Be positive, smile, say hello more often. Give more, take less. Hell, this is going to be easy, I should have done this years ago.

WHAT IF: I look for someone like I want to be? Someone who is in the midst of changing their life just like I am trying to change mine now?

WHAT IF: This person, who I have yet to find or even figure out what they would be like for me to even be able to pick them out from everyone else. What if this person doesn’t want me. Because I’m not totally me while I am in the middle of becoming a better me?

Ahh screw it, this sounds like a LOT OF WORK. The hell with it. I’ll be me, if someone likes me for me,then I’ll be ahead of the game, won’t I?

Besides, I’m not into making a big SPLASH anyway. I’m more of a ripple dude myself.

This is a story by Steve O’Brien that’s been so kind as to write his view of this painting!


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