I got a story like that

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Hi there, let me get that for you.

You guys are new here, right? First timers? Yeah, I can always tell the new ones.

Folks ‘round here just call me RED. I’ve been here for awhile. I’ve become  a sort of a one glass welcoming committee. I always try my best to make the new drink glasses feel welcome. Here I’ll fill ya in on how things work here in this picture.

See those folks out there looking at us? Well, they’re the customers, paying customers. We have to make sure that they’re happy, happy all the time. How do we make them happy you ask? Ha ha that’s simple. We never ever let ourselves get empty, STAY FILLED . That’s the motto to live by if you want to keep your job here. A filled glass is a happy glass I always say…

This is a story by Steve O’Brien that’s been so kind as to write his view of Anne Onsøien’s painting!

Anne and Steve founded this site together, from New York & Portugal.



  sobnyc wrote @

I think it’s frigging awesome that two people from totally opposite places can meet and create like this. What a terrific time to be alive huh????

  Anne Onsøien wrote @

I know, I love internet! May it always be on;-)

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